Please follow the care instructions provided on our garments carefully. We do extensive fabric testing and make our recommendations based on the results of these tests. If your garment is missing a care tag for some reason, please email store@twentysevennames.co.nz or call one of our three stores to find out the best way to care for your garment.

After each wear we suggest airing for a general freshen up. In general, the less you need to wash a garment, the better it is for its longevity as well as the environment. Laundering accounts for more than half of the carbon emissions in a garment’s lifetime (and don’t even get us started on how the stats compare for who spends most of their time doing chores like washing in a household.)

The majority of sad emails we receive come in the form of “My partner/flatmate/parent washed my beloved piece of clothing and now it’s ruined, help!” so use the communal washing basket at your own risk.

For hand or machine wash garments we recommend using a gentle, natural liquid detergent (and not too much of it). We recommend you use a special wool detergent for wool garments as harsh detergents can damage and even felt wool.

When using a gentle cycle on your washing machine it is important to check how long it is – ideally it should be short, cool and with a low spin speed. After washing you want to get the item out of the machine as quickly as time allows – water-logging may cause dye bleeds, and as a rule no fabric benefits from being left in a wet heap.

To hand wash, fill your sink with cool water and dissolve your gentle detergent. Add your garment and gently swish them in the water. Do not scrub, twist or rub. This step shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Do not leave to soak. 

Remove the garment from soapy water with both hands, empty water and then refill your sink with clean water. Rinse the garment in the clean water by using the same gentle swishing movement as before. You might need to refill the sink to make sure all detergent has been rinsed out. Scoop garment up out of water and then gently squeeze water out – do not twist or wring – but do endeavour to remove as much water as possible. Rolling the garment in an absorbent towel and squeezing this can help.

After hand washing, garments should be dried flat, out of direct sunlight. Lay the garment down on a towel – the top of a clothes rack works well here. Gently reshape as you lay it down to dry, and turn at intervals. Line drying is often fine for harder wearing fabrics – if your line is in direct sun we recommend hanging garments inside out to reduce the risk of fading. Hanging a garment on a clothes hanger and then pegging that to the line can help keep things in shape.

When a fabric or garment could be damaged by washing in water we recommend dry cleaning. Choose your dry cleaner carefully. Airing between wears can reduce the necessity to dry clean frequently.

Treat stains as soon as they occur. A gentle dab with a damp cloth should do the trick for minor marks – just be sure to spot test in a hidden part of the garment first. If in doubt, consult your friendly google search, or better yet – give us a call in store to ask what we would do. Do not soak or use bleach.

Our knitwear should be washed gently and briefly in cool water with a gentle liquid wool detergent, then dried flat on a rack or towel and turned at intervals. Do not leave wool garments soaking, do not agitate and dry immediately. We don't believe they require frequent washing as wool breathes beautifully. Air them out before you store them away, and your knitwear will be easy care.

Help your clothing last by repairing as necessary. Word of mouth is always the best way to find a great tailor, so ask around and find the perfect person to help with mending or tailoring to the perfect fit.

After a spare button for a past season piece? We can usually help! Just email willow@twentysevennames.co.nz with a picture or description of the garment and provided we have it to hand, we can pop one in the post.

For any other questions or advice about repairs, please email us at wellington@twentysevennames.co.nz.