Anjali Burnett


M A D D Y B U D D - if you don't know, now you know. Her own tweet sums up her spirit perfectly: I love it when bus drivers wave to other bus drivers 👋😊💛

What do you do 9-5, any side hustles?
My job is basically to do social media and Instagram. Haha. I help people create great content and manage their social accounts. It's weird because it's a job that didn't exist when I was at school or uni but now it's all I do all day. 

Because I'm a freelancer I have lots of time to work on other fun stuff too. Like writing and podcasting. I did wardrobe for the new Male Gayz talk show a few weeks ago (if you haven't heard their podcast then you haven't lived). 

My podcast will be coming out soon I'm really excited about that. We talked to amazing women from all different ages and professions. Hopefully it will be inspiring and fun to listen to. 

Who is a woman who inspired you to be your best self?
My friends are my inspo, and basically my whole life. I am chronically extroverted in the way that I need to be with friends all the time. Katherine is one person who always pushes me and helps and motivates me to do things even I don't think I can do. Also my big sis Laura is so supportive and awesome. 

Who's the most interesting or inspiring person you've ever interviewed?
Tyler Haney is pretty inspirational for me too. I got to interview her when I worked at Bazaar. She was super nice. All the women I interview inspire me and are so interesting. 

How do you stay so woke? What are you reading/watching that we should be?
I love podcasts. I like The Guilty Feminist, Womens hour and Call Your Girlfriend at the moment. 

What's the best advice you were ever given?
This is hard. I guess my dad always just says enjoy being young and do all the things you want to do while you have the freedom. I do that as much as I can.