Anjali Burnett


Katherine Lowe my kind, funny, fitspo mate. I coached her on the basics of treadmill running and now look at her!

What do you do 9-5 and what do you do outside work hours?
From 9-5, Mon - Fri I am a model agent in the office. I manage and develop Clyne's new face division. It's an interesting and challenging job - because you're dealing with people (and often quite young people) so closely, you face things you would never usually. You kind of become a sort of mother, it's very strange.

The rest of the week I am also a model agent because being an agent isn't limited to office hours, but I also sometimes write posts for RALLY, which is a little website that Leilani Momoisea and I do together. Outside of that, I am really just a woman trying to get a grip on life, lol.

Who's the most interesting or inspiring person you've ever interviewed?
Yikes, I haven't interviewed anyone in a while. I did Lorde's first ever interview which was cool, not only because she's smart and interesting, but also because it started a really great friendship. It was before she blew up, we met up at Little & Friday in Newmarket and did it there, it was cute. I haven't properly interviewed Kirsty Godso before but I have asked her lots of questions and seen her speak a few times and she is incredibly engaging and positive. She's very motivating and inspiring to me.

How do you stay so woke? Anything we should be reading/watching/listening to?
Honestly, I don't feel that woke so this is a hard question. I am trying to make an effort to read more and to listen to and learn from the smarter, more informed people than me!

I don't know about specific thing one should be looking into to stay woke but hey, hop on the internet. It's a vast place, you can learn a lot out there.

Who's a woman who inspired you to be your best self?
There are several women that I'm surrounded by that help me be a better me - including my mum :)

What's the best advice you've been given?
This isn't really advice, but ever since I got told I think about it fairly regularly: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.