Anjali Burnett


Zoe Walker - that friend you rally back and forth via an email with the subject line YES, and a link to an article on how to navigate your relationship with Fashion and Feminism...

What do you do 9-5?
I’m a writer with a background in newspapers, magazines and fashion.

Who is a woman who inspired you to be your best self?
In the past I probably would’ve said someone well-known and successful in their career. But watching my nana live her life as an adventurous and curious 80-year-old - still travelling, working hard, lots of hobbies, caring for herself and her family - is much more inspiring to me now.

Who's the most interesting or inspiring person you've ever interviewed
Serena Williams.

How do you stay woke? What are you reading/watching that we should be?
I loved Eva Wiseman’s column about the commercialisation of feminism, and this insane expectation for women to all be strong, fearless, ambitious. This idea of ‘strong women’ and ‘Girl Bosses’ is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately - it feels like a very narrow, and privileged, definition of success and empowerment. Eva nailed it: “We don’t all have to be incredible, or inspiring - most of us just want to be accepted as equal”.

What's the best advice you were ever given?
My mentors taught me to never apologise for having high standards and integrity. I also love this from Grace Coddington: “Have fun even if you are working hard”.