tsn gurl friday #13

2 years ago

this week’s #tsngurlfriday is sarah hussey from slick willy’s in dunedin - one of our longest standing and most FAVOURITE of stockists. look at her with her three angelic kids in the old caravan they’re fixing up! *starts browsing trade me for old caravans…* She runs the Perc cafes now, where we drank our fair share of bowl lattes in the bad old days. Luckily we’re all much classier than that now, right? where do you live and what do you do there? Dunedin, I run the Perc Cafés. how did you meet anjali and ray-ray? Dunedin is a small town and Anj went to fashion school with a friend of mine, Janelle. what are you wearing in the picture? In this pic I’m wearing the newest addition to my large TSN wardrobe collection, the Claire dress. what’s your favourite piece from the twenty-seven names archive? I honestly couldn’t pick my favourite piece, but if you take a peak in my closet there lies about 27 dresses from the last five or so years, mostly the same style but in different prints. what’s your dancefloor track right now? My dance floor track would have to be something by Bieber, we have breakfast and a boogie in the mornings at our house and the kids adore him right now….and maybe so do I. who should we be following on insta? Obviously @slickwillys but I also love Nigella for daily food inspiration. most-used emoji? Definitely the good old fashioned smiley face, with the occasional bones! best thing/s you’ve read/watched/listened to this month? The Knick, second season is on Soho at the moment and it’s incredible. I also bought an album by Coma called Kompact recently that has dominated my car these past few months.

tsn gurl friday #12

2 years ago

this week’s gurl friday is self-proclaimed ‘slashie’ katherine lowe; there’s just something special about her. when I first met her I knew we’d be mates and six or so years later we’re still talking turkey. you’re probably all over it already, but her highs and low(e)s posts each week should be on your to-read list. where do you live and what do you do there? I live in Auckland, New Zealand and I’m one of those ‘slashies’ that everyone hates. Mostly I work at a modelling agency and run a blog. how did you meet anjali and ray-ray? I can’t actually remember. I’m pretty sure it was ages ago through Isaac of Isaac Likes. what are you wearing in the picture? The blue check ‘Quartet’ dress alongside this wool bucket hat I got in Hong Kong. what’s your favourite piece from the twenty-seven names archive? I don’t know the style name of it, but I have this long dress from a few years back, it’s sleeveless, buttons up the back and is navy with a floral print. I think it might have been called the Cassandra dress but I also could’ve just made that up (she didn’t make that up). I wear it a lot, with anything - sneakers, sandals, a sweater on top, a tee underneath. I actually shrunk it in the wash like three weeks ago… It still fits but I’m a bit sad about it. what’s your dancefloor track right now? As much as you may hate Justin Bieber, you have to admit that ‘Sorry’ is a bloody good pop song. most-used emoji? The sad face eyes closed emoji, the scrunched up cry face (with no tear drops though) emoji, and the -___- one. This says a lot about me, lol. best thing you’ve read/watched/listened to this month? I saw The Martian at the movies the other day, that was pretty great.

tsn gurl friday #11

2 years ago
this week's gurl friday is the magic-maker bex from willis york. she's been keeping us on fleek for years as the tsn family hairdresser and has worked her magic on so many of our shoots and shows. we'd be lost without her!
where do you live and what do you do there? in the second worst house on the best street in mt victoria, wellington ... there I am a bedroom DJ to my potplants (I have an orchid jungle and they love nicolas jaar) .. I also conjure up hair shows and installations while doing this. how did you meet anjali and ray-ray? I stalked them from a very early stage in their careers and I’m also the family hairdresser. what are you wearing in the picture? The beecroft caped trench! what’s your favourite piece from the twenty-seven names archive? the black next episode tee with shoulder pads (i have repeatedly asked for this to come back!! to no avail!!!) it’s been the most worn thing with love in my wardrobe .... the cape is a close second ... and I have just added this season’s truck shirt to my collection!! what’s your dancefloor track right now? tame impala “let it happen” is my walk to work song of late. most-used emoji? the laughing one with tears rolling down the face ... and hearts. best thing you’ve read/watched/listened to this month? I have a pile of books beside my bed on rotation mostly for inspiration ... patti smith “m train” and kate bolick “spinster” have just been added and are both great! I have watched “dior and I” three times now and cry at different parts!! raf proves you can do anything you want if you dream hard enough! ... also ex machina believable and captivating .. the house in it is a hotel in norway and is now on my bucket list!

tsn gurl friday #10

2 years ago
lou hatton is an absolute pearl of a woman, we’re so lucky to work with her for all of our shoots. she keeps us cracking up and is such a talented photographer. little mac daddy, her french bull dog, is a total champ too. we love that lou gave us her fave dancefloor ‘tricks’ this week instead of tracks, just need an excuse to try out that gangsta sway…
where do you live and what do you do there? I live in wellington and I’m a full time photographer how did you meet anjali and ray-ray? I met them at one of the famous willis york parties where I cornered them in the room and asked if I could photograph for them! since then we have pretty much worked together! what are you wearing in the picture? the tidal shirt from rutshire forever. it’s a fave. any other favourites from the archive? I love my tan magritte blazer from ‘I’m lost’. what’s your dancefloor trick right now? I’ve always been a fan of the random drop (as taught by hannah souter) but lately I’ve really warmed to the gangsta sway with a pop of bootie. most-used emoji? the camera, the two little pink hearts and the a-ok hand are my current top 3. best thing you’ve read/watched/listened lately? It was a while ago but I loved pitch perfect 2, so gold. followed by get hard – will ferrell has the key to my heart.

tsn gurl friday #9

2 years ago
carrying on with the theme of team tsn, rach barr is the newest employee at tsn hq and to say she’s been a lifesaver would probably be the understatement of the year! she’s come on board to run our dispatch, bake the most amazing treats and keep us all on track (and well-hydrated, and laughing) in the workroom. rach and her superstar of a daughter isabel (7) answered some questions for us this week, and so if like us you’re always wondering what the kids are into these days, bells has some hot tips for you below.
where do you live and what do you do there? bells - melrose up on the hill in wellington. i go to houghton valley school and play games and i do gymnastics. rach - i work (though work is the wrong word – it’s way too enjoyable for that) part time for the amazing anj and rach and with the awesome willow and hannah! the rest of my time consists mainly of doing awesome stuff with bells and stu, eating good food, hanging with great people (the newest great person being baby minnie bond) and doing my best to support stu in his role as one of the director/owners at goodnature. i bake birthday cakes for all the staff at goodnature too - a tradition i have happily brought along to twenty seven names. i also occasionally try to play with clay and practice ashtanga yoga. what are you wearing in the photo? bells - bird tights, my green boots, and my red chinese dress from hong kong. rach - the soloist dress. i didn’t realise until after i had bought this that rach (easting) drew the floral print. so beautiful. isabel, what’s your favourite piece from the rite of spring? bells – the hawthorn skirt. because it is one colour and it goes out on the sides. what’s your dancefloor track right now? bells - kodachrome (paul simon), everybody (justice crew), one more time (daft punk), treasure (bruno mars), marry you (bruno mars), feel good inc (gorillaz). rach - there is a dance party in our lounge most evenings so there is never just one track for bells! amazing how many katie perry songs i now know… i myself am really enjoying andrew bird’s version of railroad bill. more so now that stu is mastering it on the guitar and vocally… i don’t move to music much but with this track I’m always at least doin’ a little head nod, you know?! rach, who is great on the ‘gram that we should be following? i pretty much mainly follow good buds but there a few others so great i simply have to follow: @mydarlinglemonthyme - i am neither gluten-free nor vegetarian but emma is a dope ass kiwi who cooks such amazing food with recipes that 1. are always yum and 2. always work!!! who’s keen to help me get her to welly for her next cookbook release? i vow to make her my friend… @coffee_supreme - my former employers, as well as long-time providers of our morning brew. nothing else will do. what have you read/watched/listened/baked lately that you loved? bells - i love baking brownie. i like reading my book Yumi, that is Japanese. rach - i have made quite a few cakes lately, from the two best baking cookbooks - tartine (the most delicious bakery in san francisco, where part of my heart resides), and tish boyle’s diner desserts. tonight will be chocolate peanut butter pie, which is always a winner. i love to read but lately i am asleep by 9pm guaranteed, which is sooo good but leaves most of my reading time to holidays… i also enjoy watching anything trashy, which i have to be doing with my boo liv, while eating treats/drinking wine… ! bells, when did you last fall over? today at school. i tripped over and my knee bled. well, its better now.

tsn gurl friday #7

2 years ago
hannah souter is a hell of a woman - she was the one bouncing up mount maunganui on new year’s day while we were crying at the bottom. she’s been a huge support to us (especially in our transition from love lies bleeding to twenty-seven names) and her lust for life is totally a joy to be around.
where do you live and what do you do there? ponsonby, auckland - I am a graphic designer for me! how did you meet anjali and ray-ray? way back in the days of when anj + rach were love lies bleeding (man that makes me feel old!) and they were sharing an office space with my buddy karie from d_luxe jewellery. i worked with them on the transformation of them to twenty seven names and did all the initial branding for them. when i decided to go out on my own they welcomed me with open arms and we shared an office space on the infamous knigges ave in wellly. what are you wearing in the picture? from top to toe…marle beanie, kenzo sweater, twenty-seven names beecroft cape trench, cheap monday denim, garment project shoes. what’s your favourite piece from the twenty-seven names archive? hard to choose, i think definitely the jacket i am wearing in this picture is the top fave + the lace dress (which i wish i had ordered two of) that i still wear from the “crazy horse” range, i am also a fan of their silk shirts! what’s your dancefloor track right now? that would imply i still hit the dance floor… most-used emoji? i’m told definitely the crying with laughter emoji! best thing you’ve read/watched/listened to this month? definitely future islands on the letterman show (i know i might be late to the party), but it makes me laugh like the crying with laughter emoji every time - so good!

tsn gurl friday #6

2 years ago
alex talks about revealing her inner dorkishness to us at high school but what she doesn't mention is how her bagggggy jeans on that fated mufti day kicked off a trend at wellington girls. it's kind of the perfect encapsulation of her really - she's got a way about her that you totally fall for, even when it means you end up wearing the same dorky baggy pants. she's home from the states at the moment and we're so so happy to have her as our gurl friday.
where do you live and what do you do there? I live in the u.s—currently philadelphia but previously and imminently new york—where I’m doing a phd in the history and sociology of science, medicine, and technology at u penn. how did you meet anjali and ray-ray? a long long long long time ago* when I started at wellington girls in fourth form. I had moved back from new york, where 14 year olds were basically already 21 and, in that vein, wore make up on my first day at my new school. anjali was NOT impressed (she also thought my uniform was too short), but we made it over that hurdle via drama and art history classes, and probably the first mufti day when I wore JNCOS and revealed my inherent dorkishness. *shout out to the first rap anj and I wrote. subject matter: the moai of easter island. some would call it unconventional, we called it GENIUS. what are you wearing? I’m wearing the theatre shirt from the new collection, the rite of spring—nice to come home in winter and get such glorious treats! what’s your favourite piece from the twenty-seven names archive? ohhhh boy. I love my magritte blazer truly madly deeply. and I still wear my pansy shirt from fearsome five every winter, despite holes in the elbows and armpits #stayclassy. what’s your dancefloor track right now? can I have two? jamie xx + young thug “I know there’s gonna be good times” and old school “la dolce vita” by ryan paris (credit: john toher). most-used emoji? clearly I’m bad at making decisions: the moai—lol, unrelated. and the genie nod—which is also one of my signature dance floor moves. best thing you’ve read/watched/listened to this month? I read edward st aubyn’s patrick melrose series over a month in portugal—that was strangely addictive and amazing (basically high brow jilly cooper), especially mother’s milk, and re-read light years by james salter, as he died at the end of june and is the most incredible writer I’ve laid eyes on. I binge watched wet hot american summer two nights ago which is hammy and wonderful. and the newest releases I’ve loved are from UMO, tame impala, and jamie xx. but let's be real, I basically only listen to girls, drake, and kanye west.

tsn gurl friday #5

2 years ago
today’s gurl friday is the eternally lovely lily hacking. the object of thousands of friend crushes, possessor of a luxurious mane of hair and a multi-talented, creative, funny woman to boot. the perfect person to get to hand out invites to your party. where do you live and what do you do there? I’m currently living in london, trying to keep my head above water doing a few different bits and pieces. until last july I was working at city gallery wellington as assistant curator & public programmes. after a bit of a hiatus I’ve finally gotten back to writing and had a piece published on eyecontactsite last month. I also recently pulled together a fun little digital design project, working with some wonderful new zealand poets, for the australia & new zealand festival of literature & arts. how did you meet anjali and ray-ray? we weren’t at high school together but we were friends way back then. I remember being pretty stoked when they were throwing a party and texted me (I’m pretty sure we had phones ...?) and we met up in the park and they gave me a bunch of invites to hand out at school. they were always so cool, but not cool. they were just doing their own thing. what are you wearing? my husband ollie kindly documented this moment of me being a muppet. I’m wearing the chapter ten tee and the penny pants outside the blue mosque in istanbul, trying to cover up my hair with a scarf (women have to cover their legs/arms/hair) but I was struggling to do anything in the crazy heat. what’s your favourite piece from the twenty-seven names archive? I got the navy wool beanie for my birthday last year and I love it. this winter I thought I had lost it somewhere on the london underground and I completely freaked out and literally ran across half of london trying to find it. but also my blue flowers dress. and my polka dot parka. do I have to choose? most-used emoji? well, according to my phone it’s the pizza slice and I’m not going to argue with that. best thing you’ve read/watched/listened to this month? there are some great singer-songwriter ladies in my current playlist - cate le bon, sharon van etten and marika hackman are recent favourites. oh and I’m lapping up the british vibe and listening to bbc radio 3 (classical) over breakfast. ummmm I read jess walters’ beautiful ruins a little while ago and it was just that, and I’m currently reading and really enjoying my friend john summers’ collection of non-fiction stories the mermaid boy. tiny desk concerts is a great new discovery and I just saw a beautiful exhibition of sonia delaunay at the tate modern.

tsn gurl friday #3

2 years ago
we’ve known zoe walker since the early days of twenty-seven names - we’ve bonded over cats, david shrigley, jilly cooper; all the important things in life. we’re proud to have to new zealand’s version of hadley freeman as this week’s gurl friday. where do you live and what do you do there? I live in auckland, where I work as the associate editor at viva. how did you meet anjali and ray-ray? through work. I remember the first time I interviewed them, in maybe 2007 or 2008; they talked about their book club and love of Jilly Cooper. I thought they were the coolest girls I had met while working ‘in fashion’ and wanted desperately to be part of their gang. what are you wearing in the picture? the ‘rutshire forever’ t-shirt, in front of buckingham palace; the closest I could get to wearing it in the cotswolds. what’s your favourite piece from the twenty-seven names archive? I have so many favourites… I love and still wear some of my early tsn pieces, like the ‘flowers in the attic’ black lace dress from 2009. I have lots from the ‘fearsome five’ collection (still one of my favourite nz fashion week shows), and also from ‘nine lives’ - mainly the cat cameo print. my linen culotte suit from ‘rutshire forever’. one of my most special pieces is a tsn original; my boyfriend asked anj and rach if they would make a one-off dress for my birthday and they did. what’s your dance floor track right now? bitch better have my money - rihanna. most-used emoji? I’m partial to the sparkling pink heart, and the dead-eyed, thin lipped expressionless face. best thing you’ve read/watched/listened to this month? cat people, an awesome book of portraits from the 70s that I know other tsn girls would appreciate as much as I do. any amy schumer skit. the archive of spare rib magazine digitised for a new generation to discover.

tsn gurl friday #1

2 years ago

ray-ray & I are surrounded by so many rad women – at home in wellington and further afield. we love hearing their stories and seeing how they wear our clothes. we thought we’d start a lil fortnightly series that lets us share those stories with you all. welcome to tsn gurl friday. in the first installment we’re talking to my little sister and one of twenty-seven names’ earliest (and, let’s face it, cutest) supporters, priya xx where do you live and what do you do there? I live in melbourne, and i’m a graphic designer how did you meet anjali and ray-ray? I first met anjali when i was just born at wellington hospitial. ray-ray around the age of five when i wanted to hang out with her and anj. what is your favourite thing about Melbourne and what do you miss about home? the people i have met here are awesome. But I miss ICE CREAM I think about it all the time. what are you wearing? the spellbound long-sleeved tee, I love the collar and it’s super comfy. i’m wearing it with the denim jacket and the yale cable-knit beanie. what’s your favourite piece from the twenty-seven names archive? my 313 coat in navy. it was from take cover, winter 2012 and it still looks brand new. what’s your dancefloor track right now? biggie smalls, juicy. what’s your most-used emoji? the ice cream emoji

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